Why You Need to Try Hiking

“I feel its important to set an intention at the start of a hike that no matter how exhausted I get, turning back is not an option.”

Tshepo De villiers

We have seen an increase in hikers during covid. We started wondering, could this be a sustainable workout that we have been dying for? We chatted to Tshepo de Villiers, a seasoned hiker. She started hiking before covid made it fashionable, we felt she would be the best person to share why hiking is a must-try!

 How did you discover hiking?

When I moved to Cape Town 12 years ago. There are just so many beautiful trails here.  Plus I lived in Vredehoek, which is literally below Table Mountain. I guess the mountain just kept pulling me towards it. It’s quite magnetic.

Share with us three things that hiking taught you about life and yourself?

  • We are all connected to nature
  • I love mountains. There is something healing about being on top of a mountain or close to one
  • Climbing a mountain is tough. But once I get to the top. And having conquered all types of feels (physical and mental exhaustion). Getting to the top is thrilling

Why are outdoors and nature a better option for workouts in your view?

I get to have fun while working out

How often do you hike?

At least 3 to 5 times a week.

What’s your favourite gear to hike in? What do you pack?

Great hiking boots. Having comfortable hiking boots for me is without a doubt a non-negotiable.
I always pack a sweater, a hat, a head torch, water, and a snack/fruit. I always take my phone, in case of an injury or I get lost (many people get lost on these mountains).

How do you prepare your body for the climb?

I should stretch before and after. But I don’t. But I also do yoga. That helps to stretch out the stiffness.
Besides the body prep, I need to be mentally prepared.