A Sustainable Guide Care For Your Garments

Quality garments are a personal investment; hence we buy quality clothing, but how do we make sure our quality clothing last longer? The hidden treasure behind keeping garments lasting longer is always following the fabric care guide and instructions, attached inside your garments. There are different ways to handle different types of garment fabrics.


When it comes to wool one has to be gentle, you would have to wash wool on low temperature with cold water, for your wool item to not stretch out or shrink. After washing a wool garment, you need to air-dry your garment.


Cotton fabric garments should be washed with cold or warm water only and dried with regular temperature in the dryer to avoid creasing.


Linen must be hand washed and dried on low temperature in the dryer, if it is creased iron linen while it is still damp. Denim is a heavy-weight fabric, to dry denim air drying on low temperature is a necessity.


Therefore, to wash denim one would have to wash denim items with cold water, because washing denim with hot water fades out the true colour of the denim.

When washing clothing items always separate your whites and darks. Separating clothing items before washing helps avoid colour transfer. Do not mix different fabric clothing items when washing garments. When washing your clothes make sure medium weight fabrics such as velvet, cotton, sateen is washed together. While heavy weight clothing items such as denim, canvas, corduroy are washed together remember to separate items according to their different colours. It is vital to remember to wash all delicate garments by hand, before washing the delicate garments soak them for 15 minutes.

Source: Taheri (ND)

Lastly, air dry your clothing items, because airdrying is good for the environment. Airdrying is great for saving energy and reducing household carbon footprint. This prevents clothing from shrinking and reduce wrinkles on garments. Remember, good garment care lengthens the lifespan of your wardrobe, hence you must take good care of your garments for them to last for years.

Cover image source: Engin Akyurt