New Motto Alert: Dressing for Your Current Self

When was the last time you dressed for yourself?

One of my favourite things to say is that you dress for your current self. By that I mean, dress for the woman you are today, at this moment. Don’t dress for the woman you hope to be one day or were yesterday. Yes, I get it, visualization is important in attracting the person you wish to be become. What I’m talking about here is different. This has to do with matters such as putting off a certain dress because it is waiting for a special occasion, putting off wearing certain garments because one day you will fit into them. This has to do with us as women not participating fully in the present.

Dress for your current self. Dress for yourself as you are today with an open heart. Embrace every part of your being. Yes, keep working out, meditating, eating health, looking for that garment that accentuates your figure perfectly, but don’t deprive yourself of this present moment. Like a friend of mine once said, “you are only as young as you will be today, one day, all your options will be fewer to even have an option to put things off”.

Live the Motto: Here is how you do it in 3 easy steps!

Step 1:

Sunday best doesn’t apply to adulthood. Unlearn the notion that you can wear certain garments only for certain days or events.

Source: Godisable Jacob

Step 2:

Refresh your wardrobe rituals and set your own rules when it comes to rotating your garments so that they all get equal share.

Source: Mentatdgt

Step 3:

Choose thoughtfully when you buy clothes and ask yourself questions such as when will you wear a certain garment. And moreover ask yourself, what is it meant for? That way, it fits nicely into your dressing rituals instead of constantly being saved for a special day.

Source: Alexandra Maria