Flip the Trend Make it Sustainable: Stolen from the Men’s Closet

Borrowing Button-up Business Shirts from the Men

I’m most certain that everywhere you look on social media someone is wearing an oversized button up business shirt. Stylish women are borrowing button-up business shirts from the men and styling them in fresh ways that you’re going to love. Shirts are such a huge trend at the moment. Fouura ladies are probably wondering how to flip this trend and make it sustainable without buying a brand-new shirt.

Why we love this trend

We are all for this trend for couple of reasons. Shirts are versatile and practical. They are forever in season and can be worn any time of the day. This ticks all the boxes as it means one is able to maximise on this piece instead of it only being worn a few times.

Source: Pinterest

How to flip this trend and make it sustainable?

We recommend you borrow from any male figure you have in your life. Trust me, your boyfriend, husband or brother are not wearing their shirts because of the pandemic. So, you are actually helping them maximise on their wardrobe. This trick is as good as buying a new shirt because as we know, men tend to have more shirts than women which means you have a variety to choose from.

Source: Pinterest