Podcast Ep26: In Conversation Chloe Andrea Welgemoed

This episode is dedicated to the women who have shaped the fashion industry in South Africa. We normally give praise to fashion designers but tend to forget about the stylist who in our view, is just as powerful in shaping culture.

In this episode, Jessica speaks with South African Stylist: Chloe Andrea Welgemoed. She is a stylist and costume designer, and she does production. Here at FOUURA, we are a huge fan of her work and are honoured that she has agreed to chat with Jessica today. 

But truly at the core of this interview, it made Jessica reflect on the stylists that shaped the industry and influenced her to work hard at her craft. 

We give honor to the most talented stylists that were behind the scenes of magazine shoots, music videos, and ads.

When it comes to stylists, Chloe took it to the next level. So much so that she showcased the importance of storytelling in her looks. 

Here is Jessica’s conversation with Chloe!

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