COP27: Fashion panel edition

An innovative approach towards creating a holistic approach to fashion.

“COP stands for Conference of the Parties, with “parties” referring to the 197 nations that agreed to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in 1992.”

Image: Unsplash images, 2019.

The main action plan for COP is to address climate change issues and to create holistic, all-inclusive, and sustainable industrialization.

  • The fashion panel’s main theme of COP27 this year was sustainable materials and greenwashing.
  • One of the big problems addressed in fashion at COP27 summit was “Greenwashing”. All brands need to be more sustainable in their production.
  • The biggest worry is the use of non-sustainable materials in the fashion industry, which furthermore causes bigger problems in the environment. Driven by greenwashing campaigns, that mislead consumers into buying something they think is eco-friendly but isn’t.
  • The main environmental problem addressed was the sizable need to cut down CO2 emissions, within all industries. While addressing efforts that will be implemented to adjust climate change in this fast-paced industrial society.
  • With the climate change issues addressed at COP27 summit, COP27 was also used as a platform to promote climate change-easing innovative technology solutions, especially in/for developing countries. Companies such as German biomaterial company AMSilk showcased its innovative sustainable textiles.

The end goal of COP27 is identifying and converging the industries that are environmentally taxing and to create a holistic approach that could impact the future of the environment positively.