Benefits of Minimalistic Living

Minimalistic living equals a happy mind.

Image source: Unsplash, 2019.

The 21st century is a very stressful, and technologically busy era. Scientifically, it is known that spaces we inhabit and objects we surround ourselves with have an impact on our physical wellbeing. It has been psychologically proven that our spaces can positively or negatively impact our mood and mental well-being.

The concept of healing environments originated in the 1980s, but only started gaining popularity recently. Studies have proven that limited background noise and natural light play a significant role in our well-being as humans.

What does your mind need?

Greenery (indoor plants)

Our minds need some green. Be sure to invest in some greenery in your household, yes! Buy those pot plants because they come with therapeutic benefits. Greenery does wonders for our mental health as humans. It can help in lowering stress, restoring attention, creating a balanced nervous system, and even increasing levels of cancer-fighting natural killer cells.


Colour also plays an important role, as different colours have different effects on our minds and our well-being. Colours such as neutral tones, greens and blues are good for our minds and promote healthy mental well-being, as they contain tranquil effects.

What exactly is minimalism?

Minimalism is low-consumption living whereby people live with very few possessions. It is recognized as a sustainable lifestyle, as one of its principles is using less and minimizing.

This lifestyle has been scientifically proven to be known as beneficial to one’s mental and physical well-being. The two key themes to minimalism are: mental space and positive emotions.

The lifestyle of minimalism accelerated gain more awareness and popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. The minimalistic lifestyle trend emerged during the 2020 pandemic, as everybody was trapped indoors in their maximalist homes, a lot of people saw and felt the need to declutter and minimalize their homes for the sake of their mental wellbeing.

Reasons why minimalistic living is good for our mental well-being:

  • Less stuff = Less stress.
  • Enhances productivity and creativity.
  • Promote positive emotions.

Minimalism helps in fuelling creativity, it gives your brain more space for mental freedom and happy thoughts. More than anything, minimalism is not just a look or trend, but a way of living.

Reasons why minimalistic living is good for our homes

Image source: Unsplash, 2022.

Minimalistic living makes home spaces spacious and appealing. The whole idea of minimalism is “living with only the things that bring you joy”, because your home is the ideal happy place and space.