Fashion Fasting

Want to live happily? Buy Less

Image source: Unsplash, 2022

The continuous cycle of fast fashion can become overwelming. Many of us end up with a closet filled with clothing we no longer love and need. The big question behind this is; how do you break the cycle of unnecessary fashion purchases?

Introducing the concept of fashion fasting may help you love your wardrobe better. Challenge yourself and your family to go on a fashion fast. While the term “fast” may sound daunting, this holistic approach to fashion offers valuable lessons. It’s about learning how to maximise your wardrobe’s potential. And embracing resourcefulness with what you already have in your closet, rather than constantly buying new fashion items.

What is fashion fasting? 

Fasting is a holistic approach associated to wellness. Which is a short duration of abstinence from food or drink; for health, ethical purposes. In this case, the “fast” will be directed to making less fashion purchases. Fashion fasting is a conscious practice of resisting unnecessary or impulsive fashion purchases for a certain period. It is all about challenging yourself to make more mindful and intentional decisions about clothing consumption. During the period of the fashion fast, the aim is to reevaluate your relationship with clothing. In doing this, you will be promoting sustainability and developing a more conscious approach to personal style.

In the case of our wellness fashion journey you will abstain from unnecessary fashion purchases, for 6 months. The reason behind this is to encourage slow fashion and slow spending. Going on a fashion fast will generally increase resistance to unnecessary shopping. This will make you later realise that all the fashion shopping you’ve done in the past has been unnecessary and impulsive. And ss a result, made you over clutter your wardrobe with trends instead of fashion staples.

The big answer behind this holistic approach is, if you’re not impulsively purchasing low quality clothing you can restructure your budget and still buy quality fashion items that will last a long time.

How do we start? 

  1. Commit to the fashion fast
  2. Embrace the journey of buying less

We hope the fashion fasting journey will help you shop a lot better. And that will help you shape a positive view around fashion – creating a mindful and holistic approach to fashion.

Start your fashion fast journey today and you’ll thank us later.