Podcast Ep 4: How to plan your wardrobe like a fashion editor

Fouura Podcast Ep 4: Styling Class: How to plan your wardrobe like a fashion editor

This episode looks into one of the ways to solve for “I have nothing to wear syndrome”. We all experience it. Here is a fashion editor hack that will assist you to plan your wardrobe better. As a fashion editor, Jessica explains how you can use “editorial photo shoots planning” as an inspiration to prepare for your weekly outfits as well as how to plan for those busy weeks when you don’t have time to FASHUN! Why this tip: Sustainable style tips are intended to practically assist on how to be sustainable also to highlight areas where you are already sustainable without knowing it. By implementing this tip you would have saved on shopping brand new items or thinking you need more clothes. The more you plan, the more you get to know your garments and how they can best serve you.

This tips works for everyone from kids to teenagers.

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Hosted by the talented South African based fashion editor, stylist and fashion speaker Jessica Ramoshaba. Following her extensive experience in the fashion industry, she shares her thought provoking views on sustainability, fashion and beauty. Each week, we have authentic conversations around sustainable fashion, we tackle wardrobe and style questions, shopping tips as well as self care.