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Online Shopping VS Mental Health

Maintaining healthy fashion shopping habits Online shopping sites have made shopping very convenient and easy. It is very easy to buy clothing online with vast amounts without realising the huge impact it may have on your finances, especially when you’re an impulsive buyer. Have you ever questioned your online shopping habits? According to the Journal […]

What you can do with unwanted kitchen utensils

The kitchen detox edition: Unwanted kitchen utensils. After detoxing your kitchen, you realize there are some kitchen utensils and other kitchen items you don’t want in your kitchen anymore. What do you do with those kitchen items because you can’t throw all of them away unless they’re extremely damaged to a point where you can […]

2022 Highlights

Here’s what we got up to this year. We launched Fouura! We had a clothing swap at our launch. Our first virtual Fouura hangouts was a success. Fouura contributed to the August issue of Women’s Health magazine on the topic of living sustainably in 2022. The founder of Fouura was part of Stadio’s Fashion Revolution […]

Pack Like A Pro To Avoid Needless Shopping

We caught up with Thembisile Sibeko and asked her some questions on what green travel means to her. 1. What brings you to Germany? I went to Germany for an exchange program for my studies.  2. What sustainable practices have you noticed during your stay?One of the sustainable practices, I practiced during my stay is that […]

Wardrobe Series: Pumela Salela

A while back we chatted to Pumela, the UK Country Head for Brand South Africa. We chatted about what informs her image and style in the high-profile role that she holds and how she manages her wardrobe to match her busy career. “In my style I like to represent the African continent in a manner […]

Wardrobe Series: Conversations with Cassidy

We caught up with Fouura staff member Cassidy Johnston about her style, shopping habits, and how she implements sustainability in her everyday life. How would you describe your style? I’ve always liked to buy classic items of clothing with colours that I can wear and match anything with. So I would describe my style as […]

FOUURA TV: SA Fashion Week

The Future of Fashion – SAFW AW22 review w/ Big Bad Wolf & Fouura Lifestyle Earlier this year, our founder participated in a discussion reviewing the looks and inspirations from the Autumn/Winter looks at SA Fashion Week. She shares her thoughts on where she thinks designers drew their inspiration from, her favourite looks for the […]

How To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

What is it? What are some of the changes we can make to reduce our carbon footprint? What is a carbon footprint? Our carbon footprint is the greenhouses that we humans create on a daily basis, such as carbon dioxide and methane. About carbon footprint: In the USA the standard amount of carbon footprint from […]

Living a Slower and More Sustainable Life

What is slow living? Slow living is “a mindset whereby you curate a more meaningful and conscious lifestyle that’s in line with what you value most in life.” We live in a fast-paced environment where we demand and are used to, receiving things at the snap of a finger. Instead of constantly seeking this instant […]