Online Shopping VS Mental Health

Maintaining healthy fashion shopping habits

Source: Unsplash, 2021

Online shopping sites have made shopping very convenient and easy. It is very easy to buy clothing online with vast amounts without realising the huge impact it may have on your finances, especially when you’re an impulsive buyer. Have you ever questioned your online shopping habits?

According to the Journal of Consumer Psychology in 2014, research studies have indicated that purchasing items helps people instantly feel happy and combats depression. Meaning, when we shop our brains, release feel-good hormones, this further explains why shopping is labelled as “retail therapy”. To some people shopping is more than just shopping, it is an emotional distress mechanism.

Despite the benefits and disadvantages mentioned above, online shopping can become an issue if not managed healthily. So, where do you draw the line? And what should be a sign of concern?

  • Over-spending
  • Finding it difficult to resist purchasing unnecessary fashion items.
  • Always having some sort of fear of missing out on certain fashion trends.
  • Making secret purchases or lying about online purchase deliveries.

Online shopping done mindfully can be positive and here are tips to assist:

Tip 1: Shop with a plan in mind: List what is needed before completing any purchases. Only buy what is on the list and resist the temptation to buy unnecessary items.

Tip 2: Set a reasonable budget: Set aside an amount that covers your necessary expenses.

Source: Unsplash, 2022

Online shopping will always play a big part in our lives – its’ convenience and simplicity has made the idea of shopping fun. At the same time, with fun comes vigilance; be very careful and monitor your online shopping spending habits – make sure your online shopping habits don’t turn into unhealthy shopping habits. The golden rule to this is buying fewer clothing items that are authentic quality. Buying fewer items helps you value what you buy.

Happy retail therapy!