Ask Jess: Ballerina flats are back, should you buy them?

Style advice columnist and sustainable fashion writer

Here is the thing I’m all about comfort and functionality. So, occasionally, I have an item that
I feel is worth buying based on these two elements. Ballerinas are my absolute favourite. I’m
sure they are yours too. Not so long ago most of us had them as a second pair in our
oversized bags. And yes, are you the girl who also had a pair in the boot of your car? How
about your office drawer? Right? Ballerina pumps are back! Is this a trend to consider you
may ask? I love trends that elevate women’s wardrobes rather than create clusters. I think
ballerinas fall into that elevating category only if you apply these rules when you buy your
next pair:

  • It’s critical that you check the thickness of the sole. I think the sole needs to be thick enough for comfort and longevity. There are so many poorly made shoes in the market so stay mindful.
  • Spend decent money, I promise it will go a long way. Buying a cheap pair that will only tear up a month from now won’t help you.
  • Lastly, challenge yourself to buy an elevated pair. There must be a hint of detail that will make your pair feel current yet wearable a year from now. I love the pear detail.
  • Mesh Ballerinas are stunning but not for everyone or every foot. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news. If you opt to go for mesh, I suggest you find a pair with material that stretches and flatters to your foot.

“Ask Jess” is a FOUURA fashion advice column to help you buy better and dress more stylishly while curating a functional wardrobe through the lens of sustainable fashion.