The Art of Slow Living 

In the pursuit of happiness? Maybe you should try slow living. 

Image source: Unsplash, 2023

In today’s fast-paced culture, there’s a constant pressure to rush through tasks, often leading to an unbalanced life and burnout. However, we’re now in an era that emphasizes doing less but with greater focus and purpose. It’s about aligning the speed of our activities with the goals we want to achieve. This concept, known as slow living, involves investing more energy into fewer tasks and completing them with enjoyment and excellence.

Here are some few benefits of slow living:

  • Lowers burnout
  • Helps in decreasing stress 
  • Inspire and enforce mindful decision-making

Slow living teaches us to practice intentionality and mindfulness. In the process of intentionality and mindfulness we are more aware of our everyday life routine. This drives conscious living and holistic living; which leads to a happier you; teaching us to value quality over quantity.

With these small changes in your daily routine you can live life more intentional and mindfully: 

  • Structure your time well and prioritise

Structure your time well enough to accommodate all the important tasks accordingly.

  • Say no more often 

Learn to say no. Be very selective on what you say yes to. Saying yes to everything often leads to stress and burnout. 

  • Get enough rest and sleep

Stop treating rest as a reward. You need enough sleep to fully function throughout the day. 

  • Declutter and integrate to minimalistic living

Access clutter causes stress and clutters the mind. In transitioning to minimalistic living you’ll feel more organised, light and less stressed.

  • Take mindful walks and spend more time outside

Spend 50% – 70% of your time outdoors. In addition, activities such as; walking, jogging and hiking are a great way to refresh after and long or stressful day.

  • Buy less and reduce waste

Try to slow down on buying. Before buying something ask yourself if the specific product is adding value to your life or are you just buying for the sake of temporary happiness?

  • Explore new hobbies

Trying new things and embracing new hobbies leads to a more fulfilling and balanced lifestyle.