Podcast Ep 6: Finding Ikigai with Nondumiso Nkosi

Meet Nondumiso Nkosi, the Founder of Original Beedooher. Her work has been seen on some of South Africa’s well-known faces. She is the face behind the gorgeous-beaded wigs. I met her through my work as a fashion editor prepping for an editorial story. Although the theme of the fashion story was there already, I was looking for something extra for the hair.

This was not going to be one of the usual stories with hair extensions but something more. I searched around Instagram and came across her page. Immediately and instinctively, I knew I had to have the pieces. I sent her a DM to request to borrow some of the wigs and she was gracious enough to trust me with her work. To this day, I’m amazed by her technique and patience and most importantly how stunning the wig keeps getting. Born and bread in Bethal, Mpumalanga. Nondumiso taught herself how to make these gorgeous headgears. One bead at a time, this journey has helped her find herself in the most unexpected way.

Moral of the story: Chew slowly, be patient with yourself, and trust your instinct.

You can find Nondumiso  @originalbeedoo