Podcast Ep 7: Finding Ikigai with Bertha Wensah

Founder of Yal Art, Bertha is a prolific fabric artist born in Ghana, raised, and based in London. Her roots are set in the rich soil of West Africa, a continent that boasts beauty, culture, and tradition. Where textiles speak of the versatility of its people, and the vibrancy of the heritage.

Unintentionally, her work lead her to sustainability by recycling waste fabrics to make her beautiful artwork. I was introduced to her through divine connection by my friend, Pumela Salela, Head of Brand South Africa, currently based in London who is sold on Bertha’s pieces. Meet Bertha Wensah, Founder of Yal Art. See or buy her work on https://yal-art.com/ Don’t forget to follow us on our socials @Fouura_lifestyle Email us on: Fouuralifestyle@gmail.com