The Problem with Leather and Why You Need to Ditch It

How the production of leather affects animals, people, and the environment.

                 Reference: Lea Ochel,
  1. Animals are seriously harmed in the process. Sometimes the animals are still alive when their skin is being stripped off of them. 

2. When you’re wearing leather you are basically wearing chemicals.
The process of tanning (where the hides are soaked in chemicals) stabilizes the collagen and protein fibers in the animal skins. This allows them to stop biodegrading. You are now wearing the remnants of cyanide, formaldehyde, and a whole bunch of other toxic chemicals.  

3. Leather is really bad for the environment.
Excessive rearing of livestock has a mix of environmental effects. These include deforestation, land and water overuse, and gas emissions. All factors that add to global warming.

Reference: Vogue Business

4. People suffer in the production of leather as well.
The chemicals used in the leather tanning process are extremely toxic. Many workers (including children) that work in the production factory, suffer from cancer and other illnesses.

Article by Cassidy Johnston