Wardrobe Series: Shopping Habits

We caught up with FOUURA team member Bokang Makhetha this week. We spoke about her personal wardrobe and shopping habits since the pandemic.

Bokang Makhetha

How often do you shop?

I shop for new clothes every new season, so I’d say that I shop once every 3 months.

How has the pandemic influenced your wardrobe currently?

After the pandemic, I’ve been buying more loungewear pieces which is completely different from what I would normally buy before the pandemic. Since the pandemic has happened I’ve been spending most of my days at home and this has influenced me to buy more clothing that I can wear at home and feel comfortable in.

What is one habit that you wish you could improve on when it comes to your wardrobe?

Adding more colour to my wardrobe. Black is my favourite colour and most of my clothes are black as well, so every time I go shopping I’m always drawn to black clothes. So going forward I definitely want to start incorporating more colour into my wardrobe.

What are your views on creating a sustainable wardrobe? Is it something you think is necessary for your life or not?

It is necessary to me. As someone who studied fashion, I learned about the harmful effects that the industry has had on the environment and so, I feel more compelled to try to be more sustainable.  I try to create a sustainable wardrobe by giving away old clothes that I don’t wear anymore, buying classic and basic pieces that will last me longer rather than trendy pieces, and I thrift here and there. 

What do you think we should do with old clothes that we don’t wear or use?

I think donating or giving away your old clothes is always the best solution and if you’re someone who’s creative you can always upcycle your clothes and turn them into new garments.