Denim sustainability

Looking Back at February’s Denim Days

The Fouura Team focused on their love of denim during the love month of February and highlighted the environmental effect that denim manufacturing has on our natural resources.

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What we have learned: Denim is not disposable. This is why it is so important to recycle your denim.

Wash your denim responsibly and wash them less frequently. A huge part of the damage caused to the environment comes from owning denim and how you choose to take care of it.

Don’t add to the landfills by discarding the denim that you’re bored of. Rather, get creative and upcycle your pieces.

What to keep in mind next time you go shopping: Help reduce the impact that denim manufacturing has on the environment and choose to shop from local and ethical denim brands. Brands such as:

  • Tshepo Jeans
  • Jeanius Jeans
  • Floyd Avenue Apparel Jeans

We will be diving into different themes in the coming months to educate each other on the state of whatever theme we chose, focusing on the styling and sustainability aspect of it. Come on this journey with us and share what you would like to know more about in the future. We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning about denim as much as we have.

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