The Most Sustainable Outfit Is The One That You Already Have

As consumers, it is important to change our attitudes towards outfit repeating because without realizing it — this is a step towards living more sustainably.

Rihanna wearing the same coat on different occasions

The stigma behind outfit repeating encourages consumerism. It is estimated that on average, people wear an item of clothing 7 times before discarding it. Fast fashion has created pressure for consumers to not repeat outfits, which encourages people to buy new clothes every chance they get and see them as disposable.

Embracing outfit repeating will not only be good for your pockets but it will also be good for the planet. Repeating an outfit reduces your carbon footprint and reduces landfill waste. Studies show that when you keep your outfit for an extra 9 months, you can reduce its environmental impact by up to 30%!

The stigma behind repeating an outfit should be removed. It’s about time that people normalize outfit repeating because there is no shame in repeating outfits.