What is Upcycled Leather?

Upcycled leather is leather that comes from animals that were old and therefore died naturally.

However, tanneries could also source the leather from the meat industry. This is where the insides of the animals are taken out and the skins would be discarded after. There is also the chance that during some other times the leather is simply just vintage or is repurposed for longer usage to avoid it being sent to the landfill where it will pollute the environment.

What Makes Upcycled Leather “Conscious”?

Simply that it is a by-product of the meat industry and some of it is from elderly animals that have died naturally.

Upcycled Leather vs. Vegan Leather

Vegan leather, otherwise known as faux leather comes from petrochemical industries. This is unabashedly harmful to the environment whereas upcycled leather is simply a by-product that is treated into something useful and longer-lasting.


The Benefits of Upcycled Leather for Shoppers:

  1. Buying upcycled leather goods allow discerning sustainable shoppers to shop with confidence as shopping for goods that do not contribute to the global waste contribution of the fashion industry.
  2. Upcycled leather goods give the fashion industry an opportunity to create trendy and unique iterations for the fashion markets. This as a result increases the variety of styles available to shoppers.