Repeating Outfits is a Revolutionary Act

At Fouura this month, we are encouraging you to repeat your outfits. Wear them to as many events as you wish, show them off and take as many selfies as you wish. We would like you to see this as an act of caring for the planet. The stigma of repeating outfits is something that we need to talk about when discussing environmentally sustainable fashion.  Why are women self-conscious about repeating outfits? Is it because they feel once a certain garment is worn it no longer serves the same impact, or do they feel people will think less of it? What is the root of this feeling?


The rise of fast fashion has also made it difficult for ladies to rediscover their outfits and find wardrobe solutions such as coordinating that attire with something with other suitable pieces. By tackling this theme we intend to shed light and perhaps change behaviour around this practice. As a stylist and image consultant myself, we always recommend to clients the importance of making the most of our garments. Outfit repeating is an activity that prolongs the life of garments.

Outfit repeating is an activity that prolongs the life of garments.

I feel repeating an outfit has become more difficult although this is not something new. People are photographed more than ever before, clothing has become cheaper and easily accessible. I think that adds to the pressure of being seen with the same outfit several times.

My style tip: Reflect on your shopping habits. Differentiate between what you like and LOVE. Buy pieces that you connect with and absolutely LOVE, naturally, you would want to wear them repeatedly. I know it sounds too easy but it is true and it works.

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