Fouura recently introduced our community to clothing swapping. It was interesting to witness how some ladies had never swapped before — even in 2022! One of the guests said, “ I loved the swapping idea especially because I have money to spend on clothes.”

One other guest also said, “I hope you will be charging at your next event as this is value for money!” We truly believe swapping is the most cost-effective way to get new clothes in your wardrobe and exchange anything that can benefit someone else. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s diamond.

Tip: For swapping to work effectively everyone participating needs to make sure they bring freshly worn garments. Everyone participating deserves to take a piece home that they can enjoy for a long time otherwise it defeats the purpose. Swapping is not meant to be a dump.

We are looking forward to more swapping opportunities with our community at our swapping events. Do join us next time!

Photos from our event