Wardrobe Series: IGTV Talks with Twala

Twala shares her shoe collection closet with us, her favourite shoes and the stories behind them, as well as how she keeps her shoes and handbags so organized.

Here are some of the questions we asked her:

Instagram: @Iamtwala

Why shoes and not clothes?

My weight fluctuates so much but my shoe size stays the same. They’re small compared to a big coat so as the years go by it’s easier to save one pair of shoes from a moment than it is to save a whole outfit.

What do you do with your old pair of shoes?

I give them away to friends and family. In varsity, I would give pairs of shoes to the girls in my class. I have my favourite pairs that have memories attached to them that I want to keep, but everything else I don’t mind giving away. I don’t want a house full of random things, I want a closet full of things that I love.

What is one of your favourite pairs of shoes?

My Snakeskin heel and the brand is “Madison.”

What is the story behind that pair?

I was doing work with Madison and I saw these shoes when they were selecting what they wanted for their next collection and I said to one of the guys “that shoe over there if it does make the selection — we will fight” (Obviously I was joking lol) With animal print (obviously it’s faux, I don’t believe in buying real animal skin) I appreciate the colours and textures without it being “real.”


Do you match your shoes with your bag?

Not always. When it’s packed in my wardrobe, yes, cause I like the colour coordination. but not when I wear it. It just depends.

How is your shoe closet so organized? What got you to that point?

I’ve always wanted a shoe closet and growing up; I would see others and it would always be really rich people who have room for clothes. and that became my goal. I even told my mom. I was like mom, even if I live in a one-bedroom, that one room will be my walk-in closet. Wherever I am, I have a little shelf of shoes. from my one-bedroom studio apartment even to when I moved back home. It was always just a thing for me.

Jess also discusses Twala’s hair, Twala’s favourite snakeskin boots, and the crazy story behind how she got them. For more on this and Twala’s handbags and how she keeps them so organized, go watch the IGTV Live on our Instagram.