Have You Tried Dry Brushing?

<h3>Dry brushing is a new and updated technique. Used for reducing cellulite, scrubbing the body, and improving blood circulation throughout the body.</h3>

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Self-care and wellness have taken a new approach to every women’s daily routines based on their personal preference to feel at peace and in harmony with themselves, their family, and the world. And so, one of the techniques born from this is dry brushing.

This brushing technique requires patience and a dry brush suitable for the skin and body and a moisturizer to create a flow against certain areas. It is usually used for showering. Brush in a clockwise or anti-clockwise motion with a brush that has a handle or a strap for holding it.

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According to Vasi (2020) in the “Here’s How to Dry Brush the Right Way — And Why You Should Do It” article, Vasi states that these brushes have dry and strong bristles which could also affect the skin. However, in order to avoid the rough strokes, apply an organic oil that is gentle on the skin and massage deeply into the muscles.

The daily practice of dry brushing will eventually release the tension from your body and reduce any cellulite evident on the arms, legs, and bum. It is also evident that this method has a great impact on the skin which gives it a fresher and smoother glow. Vasi (2020) states that dry brushing removes any dead cells and opens the pores.

Although the dry brushing technique is great for the overall look of women, it enhances the way we feel in our skin, removes anxiety and it’s good for our mental health. As a beginner, to enjoy this wonderful regime it is recommended by specialists to dry brush gently at least twice a week