What is Green Travel?

Source: Leio Mclaren

We can start unpacking what “Green Travel” is by simply breaking down what each word means. The word “eco” relates to the environment while “travel” is a common word we use to describe the activity of going from one place to another over a distance of some period.

Green Travel is a broad term that describes a form of travel that involves thinking about one’s impact on the environment when they choose to go on a journey, tour or an expedition somewhere. A more technical definition is the concept of responsible travel practices that pay attention to environmental, social, and economic sustainability. It may also refer to “eco-tourism”, which is more so about responsible travel to natural areas.

What is your role?
Green Travel involves doing your part to minimise your impact on the environment when you travel – so that the tourism at your destination can be sustained over the long-term. It is about having an understanding of the eco-friendly choices you can make and in order to do this, you have to commit yourself to doing research on how you can always be a responsible traveller while saving money by making choices that have a lower environmental impact.

Essentially it is all about leaving the spaces which you travelled in the state in which you found them. Next time when you go travelling, think about the impact you will have on your surroundings and what you can do to reduce it.