The Amazing World of Second-hand Furniture!

Source: S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

A lot of us never really give any thought to buying second-hand furniture whenever we feel that we need something to accessorise and “zhoosh up” our homes. When we have just moved into a new home, we do not ever think there could be much excitement in buying something that was previously owned by someone else. Well, I am here to tell you that buying second-hand or used furniture can be just as exciting and adventurous as buying new and overpriced furniture from a high street store.

The Benefits of Buying Second-hand Furniture:

  1. More Cost Effective
    Second-hand furniture is usually the kind of furniture that someone wants to get rid of, therefore the previous owners will generally price the items favourably. Another benefit in this regard is that you get to have the opportunity to negotiate the price even further.
  2. Supports the Local Economy
    Purchasing from a second-hand store directly supports your local economy by putting money directly back into the community. This subsequently strengthens the local economy and empowers the people in the community.
  3. Receive Good Value for Your Money
    When shopping for second-hand furniture, you have a high chance of finding quality items that are reasonably priced. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another’s treasure.
  4. More Sustainable
    An uncommon fact is that the furniture industry is one the least sustainable industries and equally one of the most pollutant. When you decide to buy new furniture, it contributes to the fossil fuel industry and to deforestation – therefore when you buy second-hand furniture there will be no new materials which will be produced.
  5. Experience Less Guilty Attachment
    Buying second-hand saves you from feeling the need to keep things you do not need, like, even use that often all because you had paid a lot of money for them.