Hello July! Editor’s notes

Hello July!
I can’t believe Christmas decorations will be up soon. Yes, they normally go up around October. sigh. I found myself reflecting on the past year and a half about how our wardrobes have transformed. I would argue that the past year and a half we have been in a season of “wearing” rather than a season of “shopping”.

Season of “wearing”meaning we interacted with our clothing on a new level which was so needed in my view. Here are some of the key lessons that I’m hoping we take forward post-Covid with regards to our wardrobes.

Wearing vs Shopping ☑️
I think we were on auto pilot when it came to dressing up. The concept of “wearing” was almost none existent as we were never pushed to re-think “wearing” in the manner that we have been – thanks to the pandemic. We were so consumed with what to buy next. But now, we are consumed with using what we have in particular in order to make us feel good.

Comfort First☑️
Comfort over style has become the criteria for purchasing. I’m really hoping this aspect of fashion stays post-Covid. Comfort is one of the elements that guarantees re-wearing of garments more than once – which is critical in making sure our clothes don’t end up in a landfill.

Functionality ☑️
The past year and a half has been about reconnecting with the idea of the functionality of clothes. If the garment is not functional – it doesn’t cut it, hence, the emergence and increasing popularity of sweatpants and lounge wear. We realised that what forms part of good garment construction, I would argue, is that it needs to be functional.

Looking forward to seeing how all of this unfolds in the upcoming months. Happy July!