A Guide To Selling Your Used Clothes

Source: Burst

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure
Besides decluttering your wardrobe, selling your old garments is also great for the environment. There comes a time when you have to say goodbye to your old garments, instead of throwing them away where they might end up in a landfill, why not make some cash and sell them?
Here are a few steps to get you started with selling your used clothes:

Step 1: Choose which garments you want to get rid of
Declutter your wardrobe and get rid of all the clothes you don’t want any more and the ones you haven’t worn in years and have been sitting there and collecting dust. We have to be honest with ourselves, ask your yourself; “am I really going to wear this?”

Step 2: Inspect Your Clothes
Once you have chosen which garments you want to get rid of and sell, you must then start to inspect them. Check for wear and tear, stains and piling, and if there is any then you should get the garment repaired if the damage is repairable. Remember to wash your clothes before you re-sell them.

Step 3: Choose Your Platform
Where do you want to sell your clothes? Do you want to sell them online or at a consignment store? There’s a lot of platforms to sell your clothes and not all of them are alike. For example, if you looking to sell luxury garments then Laxity would be the perfect place for you. If you are looking to sell more handmade, DIY garments then Etsy or Yaga would be more suitable. So choose a place that’s suitable for the type of clothes you want sell.

Step 4: Set The Price
Decide on how much you want to sell the item for and remember, be realistic and reasonable when setting the price. It’s advisable to look at similar pre-loved pieces and their price ranges, this will help you set a realistic and reasonable price.

Step 5: Take Pictures of Your Garments
If you’re going to sell them online, pictures are important because that’s what is going to attract customers. You can model the pieces yourself so shoppers can see what it would look like on them, you can also take photos of the garments flat on the floor or hanging or you can create your own backdrop. However you choose to take your pictures, you must make sure that everything looks consistent.

Step 6: Be Transparent and Specific
In the description text box, you must give accurate details about the garment and mention if there’s any defects and where on the brand-new-to-used scale that the garment falls.