Superga’s Step Towards Sustainability


Good news – Superga is now sustainable!

Recently, Superga has released a new vegan range that is 100% free of animal products. With over 50 new vegan shoes, the brand still keeps their signature style sneaker but now uses more ethical and sustainable fabrics.

Superga’s main objective is to offer customers a more eco-conscious and sustainable product line that includes organic and vegan collections. Superga also follows a cruelty free method where no testing is performed on animals during the production of shoes. Superga focuses mainly on their manufacturing lines and manufacturing sites where animal-derived shoes are produced in order to prevent cross-contamination. If there is potential cross-contamination with animal-derived materials, Superga will prevent this from happening by changing their production methods.

In Superga’s vegan range, they use 100% cotton canvas for the upper part of the shoes, natural rubber for the sole, a cotton and polyester blend for the laces and 100% cotton for the insole as well as cardboard (paper) for the insole board. Superga also uses vegan friendly glue to join all the components.

The price for the vegan collection ranges between R590,00 to R1480,00 depending on the style and size of shoe.