Diving into the Clothing Rental Realm

3 clothing rental shops that you should know about in SA

The trend of thrifting and buying second-hand clothing is getting more popular in South Africa every day. Recently, so has the trend of renting clothing for special occasions. Instead of going out and buying an item of clothing they might never wear again, people are now opting to rather rent a piece instead.

This way, they get a temporary new item that can be as eccentric and “out there” because they know they won’t have to wear it again. Goodbye to the guilt of buying an expensive or fancy outfit and wondering if and when you will ever wear it again! It’s also great because beautiful and unique pieces get worn again instead of lying in the back of your cupboard after being worn once.

Here are some of our favourite rental stores you need to check out:

1. Style Rotate

You can rent clothing by occasion, ranging from a formal night out to a classy daytime outfit. Some of the clothing items are brand new or gently worn but they are all in great condition. They have an online store where you can browse the clothing available to rent. On their Instagram page they also share pictures of other women wearing their clothes.

2. OnRotate

You can rent designer fashion here, not only clothes but also bags, shoes and even accessories. They have designer brands such as Balenciaga, Fendi, Michael Kors and Chanel to name a few. This platform also allows other designers to get in touch with them if they want to rent their pieces through the website. OnRotate also allows you to put your own pieces up for rental!

3. Shared Collective

Here you can rent other people’s clothing or you can join in and rent out pieces of your wardrobe! You can share/rent matric dance dresses, outfits for a formal occasion or even if you’re looking for a new casual outfit for the day. Shared Collective always ensures that items being rented are of good quality. They won’t rent anything if the item was bought for less than R300 unless it qualifies as a vintage piece .

The article was written by: Cassidy Johnston