When Shopping gets Out of Control

Signs to pay attention to when shopping gets out of control:

As consumers, we are all impulse buyers. We enjoy looking at items and making spontaneous purchases as it gives us a sense of satisfaction, whether it’s looking at a Omega watch gleaming from behind the display case, or a pair of black Gucci heels that would add the perfect style of sophistication to your favourite business outfit. But, the problem appears when impulsive turns into compulsive. This is where you are dealing with a more serious issue – a shopping addiction.  

Here are a few signs to look out for to determine whether you are a shopaholic: 

Firstly, you may have many items that are unopened or still have a price tag on them sitting in your wardrobe. These items have never seen the light of day as you have forgotten about these possessions. In order to fix this, do a monthly clean instead of shopping for a new wardrobe. By doing this, you will come across a few gems that you may have forgotten about, and it will save you time and money from shopping for new apparel items.  

Secondly, you often purchase goods you don’t need or didn’t plan to buy. One way to spot a shopaholic is that they are easily tempted by items that they can do without. Come on, do you really need a fifth facial roller and a new AirPod case? (even though yours is fine) – you get the idea.  

Thirdly, shopaholics tend to do “anger shopping”. Most shopaholics suffer from a disorder such as over or under eating, mood swings or substance abuse. Because of this, studies show that these types of people are more likely to go out on a shopping spree where they will over-indulge to make themselves happy. When it comes to compulsive shopping, it is a way to fill an emotional void in your life which may be lack of self-confidence or loneliness.   

Another sign that you may have a shopping addiction, would be that you feel anxious on the days that you don’t shop. If you go a whole day feeling stressed that you haven’t swiped your debit card – you should be concerned. Most shopaholics have admitted to feeling “out of sorts” if they haven’t shopped all day and will turn to online shopping if they are unable to get out of work or any other event that stops them from shopping.  

There are a few simple steps to kick this bad habit. The first step would be to find a new habit such as jogging, scrapbooking etc. to help distract yourself. Another step would be to carry cash and create a budget instead of using a debit card. Cash will limit you on your shopping sprees and help you stick within your budget. And lastly, ask for help. If you are struggling with a shopping addiction, simply reach out to a friend or read a book that can help you on your road to recovery.  

Source: (MoneyTalksNews, 2021).