Simple Ways to Keep Black Clothing from Fading

Source: Creative Exchange, 2019.

We all know that black clothing items that have faded look lifeless and dull. With the following simple tips, you can make sure your black clothing looks better and lasts longer.

First of all, before washing black clothing items, make sure that you turn the clothing inside out before you start washing. By doing this, you are preventing the fibre finishes from being damaged.

Secondly, when washing black clothing items, always make sure to use cold or cool water temperature. Making use of cold or cool water temperature works all the time and makes your clothing last longer. As a result, we need to avoid washing black clothing with hot water by all means, as hot water fades away clothing dyes because of its harshness.

The next step is choosing the correct washing powder. When choosing a washing powder, make sure the washing powder is specifically for washing dark clothing. This is because some washing powders such as Mac washing powder, can fade your black clothing because of the amount of harsh and high chemicals in the washing powder.

Essentially, it is advisable to avoid using too much washing powder – meaning that one scoop of washing powder is enough. Using more than one scoop of washing powder will bleed out the black colour dye on your black clothing, leaving your black clothing items looking old, faded and lifeless.

Lastly, when drying black clothing items, make sure to always avoid the sun by all means. Drying black clothing items near directly sunny spots can cause clothing to fade.

Source: Mary Marlowe Leverette, M.M. 2020