The Most Sustainable Cities in the World!

The Most Sustainable Cities in the World!

Source: Henrique Ferreira

Zurich, Switzerland

The city places a substantial focus on education and bringing about public awareness to sustainability – this has culminated into making the city one of the most sustainable cities in the world. The city holds its industries and businesses accountable on energy usage and waste reduction. Visitors and citizens to the city are often encouraged to be mindful of each of their energy footprints and are further encouraged to consider reducing them by walking, using public transport and by occupying homes and public buildings that are compliant with sustainable-building principles.

Source: Maarten van den Heuvel

San Francisco, USA

San Francisco is one of the few cities in the world that have been employing sustainability practices way before it became a popular thing to do. In San Francisco, the citizens are required by law to recycle, and plastic bags are also banned. The city had plans in place to be waste-free by 2020 and it has a substantial commitment to solar power. Tourists can tap into the city’s “green” lifestyle by visiting its organic markets which happen to be doing really well and many of the city’s restaurants are committed to sourcing sustainably. With that said, it can be surmised that the city has more farm-to-table restaurants than anywhere in America.

Source: Daniel Welsh


Singapore has had a progressive eco-building programme since 2008 which maintains that any greenery loss on the ground has to be replaced with greenery in the sky. Which is why the city has lush nature parks, gardens, pools and waterscapes that are used as “green lungs” that help the city from flooding and essentially providing citizens and tourists alike with a peaceful and enjoyable city. This vision first came about in 1967 with the purpose of transforming Singapore into a city that’s abundant in greenery and offers a clean environment, thereby making life more pleasant for its citizens – it seems the goal has been successfully achieved.