Homeware Thrifting

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Buying a new home or apartment is an exciting time but also comes with a hefty price tag – now can you imagine the cost to furnish the place? A sustainable and budget friendly approach would be to thrift and here’s how you can do it.

The first step when it comes to thrifting is to know where to go. In Joburg, there are many places to thrift but the best stores to thrift at for furniture would be Bounty Hunters Charity Shop in Parktown and Junkie Charity store near Bedfordview. If you are not close to those areas, you can simply look around in your area for anyone that might be having a garage/yard sale. These are excellent options to find furniture as they contain quality pieces from estate sales and from people who may have downsized.

When it comes to thrifting, don’t look at the overall appearance of the item, instead inspect the furniture and see if the materials that have been used are of good quality. For example, you might see an old wooden dining room table with a few scratches and chips (but ignore that) and take a closer look at the type of wood that has been used. If the wood is of good quality, make your purchase and send it in for rehab! When speaking about furniture rehab, this simply means to DIY and use home supplies to give the furniture a second life. By doing so, it allows you to make your home closely align with your interior decorating scheme. Simple household items such as glue, finish, paint and decorative elements can turn your plain Jane wooden dining room table into a timeless classic piece.

brown wooden 3 layer drawer
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When it comes to furnishing your house, try and avoid items that are considered “trendy” and “stylish” at the moment as trends are forever changing. You don’t want to be sitting with a bright pink sofa that you spent a lot of money on just because you saw the Kardashian’s had it, thrift for timeless pieces!

A few examples of timeless pieces to look out for when thrifting would be wingback chairs, an oriental rug, a trestle table, venetian mirrors, Barcelona chairs and platform beds. All these thrifted items will allow you to stay within your budget and give your home a trendy and classic look that will never go out of style!