Travel Feature: Korea

  1. When did you leave South Africa?
    February 2020

2. Why Korea?

Teaching gig. I am also a bit of a free spirit and I’ve never seen myself based in South Africa.

3. What is the first fashion item you bought?

A white hoodie. I was so underprepared for how cold it was because I didn’t have enough weight space. 20kg is nothing when you’re moving countries.

4. What are your impressions of the fashion scene there?

I am not a fan of the style here. Well, at least in Jeju. I live on an island and I find it very unvaried. I think I would enjoy the style in Seoul or Busan because they have a bigger population. I don’t like the whole baggy, unfitted clothes that make you look like a shapeless thing. I’m the complete opposite

5. What do Korean women swear by when it comes to fashion?

It’s a trend-driven culture so there is no definitive “thing”. Also, it depends on whatever area you’re in. However, their staples toward approaching fashion (as a cultural collective) are solid, soft (pastels) colours with geometric shapes. They don’t do “loud” and they also love baggy clothes. Well, at least that’s the current trend in Jeju-do.

6. If someone is traveling there, what are some of the fashion shops they must try and see?

It’s not “shops” per se but rather a mall with all of its exclusive shops in Busan. I’ve never been but it’s called Shinsegae Centum City.

7. What should they not bother with?

I can’t comment because I buy things online as the average person that has a non-Asian frame can have difficulty fitting into Korean clothes. But if they’re there for a style-heavy shopping experience, then avoid Top 10. It’s a shop for basics that barely has statement pieces. 

8. How do you find the shopping experience vs South Africa?

I think it’s pesky to be honest. I’ve found myself stuck with buying clothes online or at brand stores that also exist in South Africa since they have an accurate universal size. Buying shoes is also an absolute nightmare. I’m lucky that I’m a South African size which, most of the time, is the biggest shoe size you can get. 

9. Any travel tips for Korea?

If you’re planning to shop in Korea for clothes, make sure that you know your exact dimensions, even down to your shoe size. Also, Google a conversion sheet and have it handy for when you’re picking out things. Other than that, go HAM.

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