Sacred Wednesday: Benefits of Breathwork

5 tips on why doing breathwork is good for you

Source: Mathilde Langevin

The benefits of this health exercise are endless. When done right or with the help of an expert, breathwork can result in positive effects on an individual’s physique. Here are 5 of some of the potential results it can yield:

1. It helps reduce or alleviate stress and anxiety

The way in which we breathe is indicative of how we are feeling. Breathwork then offers us a way to face our daily stresses and anxieties so that they do not take over our lives.

2. High energy levels

The oxygen we inhale has an impact on the amount of energy which is released into our blood cells. This means that breathwork can enhance the oxygen capacity in our blood cells which then leads to high energy levels and much more stamina.

3. Enhances level of self-awareness and happiness

Breathwork has the ability to provide us with the experience of a more profound presence and self-awareness by giving us the time and space to go deep into the furthest corners of ourselves where time does not exist.

4. Enhances quality of sleep

The deep breathing that is done during breathwork has the ability to calm the nervous system. This will subsequently reduce the effects of stimulants (from our daily lives such as coffee, sugar, social media etc.) and therefore allowing for better sleep.

5. Increases Self-love

People are constantly struggling with thoughts of unworthiness and feelings of not being enough to the people or world around us. Breathwork however, effortlessly allows us to shift out of our mind and intellect and into our body by moving from breathing through the nostrils to breathing through the mouth. Although there may not be any scientific way to measure self-love during the breathwork exercise, one cannot ignore the feeling of a deeper connection with oneself during the exercise.