Sacred Wednesday: What is Breathwork?

So you have heard about breathwork and you’d like to try it? Keep reading to find out more about it!

Source: Madison Lavern

Breathwork is a controlled breathing exercise or technique which can be performed to improve one’s mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. The exercise can be from 15 minutes to about an hour and there are many different approaches or forms of breathwork that involve channelling your breath in conscious and systemic ways. Some are rooted in yogic traditions and others have originated entirely from secular health practices that were developed to aid people in the healing of their minds and bodies and assist in developing the mental fortitude needed to withstand harsh climates.

Source: Darius Bashar

Breathwork is an effective mind and body exercise that can be used to help us deal with the many challenges of being human. The benefits of the technique are endless which makes it convenient for use in whatever may be of a mental and physical affliction in your life. The benefits range from stress reduction, high energy levels, enhanced quality of sleep, and increased self-love and self-awareness.

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