Sacred Wednesday: Think It to Feel It

I had recently been reading this uplifting self-help book I got as a gift for my birthday from a good friend of mine – it’s called “Super Attractor” by Gabrielle Bernstein. I came across this section in the book that talks about a method of “Thinking It to Feel It”, which I saw fitting for our spiritual Wednesdays mandate: to uplift and inspire during the midweek.

The method essentially prescribes to us how we can identify moments of happiness and apply them to the situations we happen to be struggling with in our personal lives. It is centred on raising our vibrations by intentionally channelling ourselves and our feelings into how we would ideally want to feel, which is naturally, to feel good. This method orders and enables us to move away from relying on things, people and places or anything material in order to feel good and ultimately prioritize feeling good.

Now here’s how you get started in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Call on your affirmation to change how you are currently thinking.

Think of an area in your life where the “feel good” emotions have shown up or have been exhibited by someone in your life. Strongly envision this aspect of your life or this inspiring individual so you can channel the desired feeling.

Step 2: Get into meditation to help you to shift your current state of mind.

Set time aside for meditation in your day – about 10 minutes should do it. During these 10 minutes, what you will be doing is making yourself to feel the feelings of your affirmation. Have a journal beside you and start writing down your good feelings and how they make you feel. Once you’re done, read over what you’ve written and be inspired.

Step 3: Do something that brings you joy and happiness.

Start doing more things that bring you joy – prioritize your happiness by even setting aside time in your day to do activities that ignite your happiness. Identify the things in your day-to-day activities that bring you happiness and just start doing them more often.


Bernstein, G. 2019. Super Attractor. California: Hay House Inc. pg 28-34