Fouura Tips to Organise Your Kitchen: Marie Kondo Style!

Marie Kondo is a home organising expert who has revolutionised tidying habits and possibly the most prolific home organisation professional on the planet right now – a sensation out of Japan, she’s currently taking over the world with her tips and tricks on home organisation. She knows all about how to organise and tidy spaces to make our homes much happier places to be.  

Here are Fouur of the KonMari Tips: 

  1. Always think about how you are going to clean your kitchen when organising. 

When your kitchen is tidied, you get to enjoy whatever you normally get to do in the kitchen i.e. the cooking that you normally do becomes more enjoyable. Marie suggests that in order to accomplish this, you can put dividers in your drawers to make the tidying less tedious. 

  1. Assess whether your dishes “spark joy”. 

Joy sparking is one of the guiding principles of the work that Marie does and it is essential to the whole “tidying up” endeavour. What you need to do here is take a close look at the items you have in your cupboards, all your dishes, and ask yourself if it sparks any joy within you. If it doesn’t, you have to let the item go gracefully and give thanks to it for the purpose it has served.  

  1. Do not fill up your fridge all the way.  

Fill up your fridge only 70% full. Why? Because by simply doing this, you reserve the remaining space for leftovers. Makes absolute sense right? 

  1. Discard the appliances you no longer use or need.  

It is for certain every one of our kitchens has some unused appliance somewhere in the corner or at the back of the cupboards. Marie in this instance suggests that you let those unused appliances go. Not having used that appliance in a while is proof that it no longer sparks joy.  


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