How to Start Eating Slowly

Here are Fouur Simple Tips:

Source: Jordan Christian
  1. Try to eat at home more often – preparing a home cooked meal at least once a week would be a start. It does not have to be anything extraordinary, just make yourself a good meal with healthy ingredients.

2. Avoid having to eat on-the-go or in a rush. Sit down at the table and take the time to appreciate the food that’s in front of you.

3. Visit a farmer’s market – while you are there, enquire about what is in season and which foods are grown locally and look for recipes that include those ingredients and try them.

4. Eat from restaurants that promote slow food. Try to find out if there are any chefs in your local area who specialise in preparing experimental or foods that are produced locally and sample their menus.

Getting into eating slowly does not mean you have to upend your entire existing diet. You can start off “slowly” and ease yourself into it – it’s a lifestyle after all! Take your time and enjoy every moment because that is precisely what slow food is about.


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