The Vegan Skincare Brand We Can’t Wait To Try

Formulated to give you glowing skin, while consciously caring for the environment.

A South African Vegan Skincare brand by Amanda Du-Pont
Source: Lelive

Lelive (pronounced leh-lee-veh) is a vegan skincare brand made in South Africa. The skincare brand was created by Amanda Du-Pont, in the year 2020. Lelive has been getting some positive online reviews, and we can’t wait to try it as well.   

What makes the Lelive skincare brand so amazing is the fact that the brand prides itself in being one of few growing clean beauty brands in South Africa. Lelive products are paraben free and animal cruelty free. Animal cruelty free and paraben free equals to zero toxins and more glow for your skin.  

All their skincare product range is sulphate free, fragrance free and dye free. This means the healthier for your skin because substances such as sulphate contain Sulphur, and can be very harmful for your skin as it washes away natural skin oil – leaving your skin feeling dry. Nobody wants dry skin, we all want soft, silky and dewy skin and Lelive is the answer.  

Ingredients used in the skincare products are natural, meaning they’re good for your skin and the environment. Majority of their skincare products consist of natural ingredients that are essentially beneficial for the skin such as rooibos, aloe and turmeric. 

With Lelive you get more value for your coins because the skincare brand grants you quality clean skincare products at an affordable price, because everyone deserves amazing-looking skin.