Blushing For These Sustainable Blushes

Why Your Skin Needs It

Using organic products means that your skin will GLOW! Looking after your skin is important because our skin is with us for life. If you are good to your skin – your skin will be good to you too! So, it’s essential to ensure that the products that you’re putting on your face are safe.

Most blush contains the toxic ingredient parabens – an ingredient can adversely affect your hormones. Reputable companies are also known for mixing drying agents into their moisturizing formula that further dries out your skin. This is a marketing tactic to get consumers to purchase more. If you’re finding that you’re breaking out or your skin is flaking and dry despite the number of products that you use — transitioning to all-natural, organic products can save your skin.

Our Top 3 Sustainable Blush Beauties

These sustainable skincare products are made with ingredients that were harvested using eco-responsible and natural methods that are devoid of harmful chemicals.

1. Inthusiasm Compact Blush

A local South African brand. This blush is made from naturally extracted minerals and contains natural ingredients. Gives you a natural glow.

Source: Inthusiasm

2. Catrice

Vegan and cruelty free.

Source: Clicks

3. The Body Shop

Made with natural ingredients, including Vitamin E and marula oil. Cruelty free.

Source: TheBodyShop

TOP TIP: Remember, our skin absorbs what we apply to it and those toxins get distributed throughout our entire body via our bloodstream. So it’s beneficial to know what is in the products that you’re using!