Sustainable Beauty: Rice Water for Hair Growth

Best hair remedies to try at home: rice water

It has been used traditionally in the treatment of hair and skin. Rice water is the starchy water that is leftover from boiled rice. It can be used as both a leave-in conditioner and as a shampoo. Rice water is a trending hair growth treatment that is currently inspired by beauty influencers as seen on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. The visible benefits of this hair treatment are the healthy hair shine, growth, strong texture, and how effortlessly your hair detangles.

How to apply and create your hair mixture:

1. Pour the home remedy into a spray bottle.

2. Mix organic lavender oil to enhance a fresh smell for the hair then

3. Gently apply the rice water onto the hair and massage it into the scalp for 15-20 minutes

4. Thereafter, it is essential to rinse your hair to avoid the dry starch flaking from your scalp

This home remedy is one of the sustainable approaches for your hair to gain organic nutrients. The best part about this approach is that it’s making the best use of the ingredients from the kitchen.

Other benefits of rice water:

Rice water has vitamin B, C, E, and minerals, which helps in tightening the skin and shrinkage of open pores on the face.
It also slows down the ageing process,
Promotes skin cell growth, and
Stimulates blood flow.

Maintaining healthy hair with a wellness approach is an amazing and excellent way to improve your healthy locks of hair in the comfort of your own home. Rice water is more cost-effective compared to purchasing newly manufactured hair products. This home remedy is environmentally friendly and paraben free, while it organically stimulates your hair growth.

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Source: Melvin Bruzela