Why You Should try Vegan Mascara

There is no doubt that applying mascara is an important step in one’s makeup routine, and that’s because mascara enhances the whole makeup look. However, some mascaras contain toxic ingredients that may be harmful to the skin. This is why you should try out vegan mascara.

Vegan mascara contains nourishing ingredients such as Vitamins B5 and E. Vegan mascara contains no animal products and no animals are harmed during the production process. This means that vegan mascara’s are also cruelty-free. Another great thing about vegan mascara is that it does not harm the environment, that is because it has fewer synthetic chemicals that are capable of harming plant life and in most cases, vegan mascara comes in recyclable packaging.

Source: iStock images

Just like any other mascara, vegan mascaras also come in variety of shades; from black, to natural brown or clear formula – there’s a bit of everything for everyone. So next time you are shopping for new makeup, make sure to add vegan mascara to your cart!