Innovatively Refillable & Reusable

The new sustainable approach to sustainable packaging in beauty

Source: Fenty Beauty

Beauty brands are slowly becoming sustainable, as sustainability has essentially become a mandate in all industries.

The environmental crisis we’re currently facing, along with the Covid-19 pandemic, brands are beginning to feel the pressure and urge to change their ways and become sustainable. Hence, some beauty brands are strategically improving their package design and ensuring that customers receive clean and sustainable beauty products. 

Several beauty brands have started designing their packaging using an innovative approach – which is consciously designing for refilling and reusing purposes. The conscious packaging design approach will initially solve and decrease overconsumption and waste issues caused by the beauty industry. Refillable packaging solutions significantly lessens the impact on the environment. In fact, this approach will help limit the plastic waste caused from beauty products and the beauty industry.

Meanwhile, the refilling and reusing approach will be beneficial for both the brand and the consumer. It is beneficial for the brand because it will help the brand save costs on packaging production, since more consumers will be purchasing less as they’ll just be refilling – this also saves the consumer some money.  

Refillable beauty products are increasingly gaining popularity within the beauty space. And the drive to adopt more sustainable packaging solutions and reducing waste is growing. As a result, brands such as Fenty Beauty have introduced smart refilling systems to their product offering. The incorporation of the simple refilling system allows the brand to promote circular beauty within their product packaging – while convincing us that reusing is cool and should be a norm.

So, next time you shop your beauty products – ensure that you’re buying products that you can refill and reuse.

Happy shopping!

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