How to Maximize Your Small Closet

Source: Style By Emily Henderson

The key to organizing your closet lies in the small details. Regardless of how small your closet is, you will realize that there’s a bit more space after you have organized your closet. There are simple little ways to maximize the closet space you have, but the trick is you have to utilize the correct storage solutions. But before you organize your closet, make sure you have three or four boxes to donate or recycle the clothes and footwear that you no longer want.

Step 1: Clean out your closet

Take everything out. The golden rule to cleaning out your closet is: if you haven’t worn a clothing item in one or two years, please donate it or get rid of it. If you haven’t worn clothing for so long, it’s unlikely that you might wear it again soon or the following year.

Step 2: Create three different piles of clothing

After taking everything out of your closet to organize, fold the clothing and organize the clothing into four different piles of clothing. Making pile one, the pile of clothes you don’t wear anymore to be donated. Plie two, the clothing you wear regularly and are willing to keep. Pile three, would be for seasonal clothing. By organizing them like this it makes it easier for you to know what’s going back in your closet and what’s not.

Step 3: Use closet containers for maximization of vertical spaces

Adding an extra rod underneath the initial hangers is also a smart way to create or make extra space. Adding an extra rod will create extra hanging space to hang short clothing items such as sweaters. Hanging shoe organizers are also great for maximizing closets because hanging shoe organizers ensure that you have space to organize your shoes within your closet.

Step 4: Use the floor

Make use of the floor – especially when stacking shoes. Using stacked in shoe shelves is one of the simplest ways to organize shoes. Stacking or packing shoes in individual shoe shelves is one of the simple ways you can keep shoes from getting lost, while at the same time keeping all your shoes in one view.

Step 5: Making use of closet doors

Your closet door is a great place for storing things such as accessories and shoes. All you need are adhesive hooks on both closet doors. Adhesive hooks are super great because they come in handy when hanging items such as scarves or hats. Such hooks allow you to keep the other side of the closet door clear, meaning it will not be drilled or screwed on anything permanently.