Tips on How to Reuse Old Glass Bottles and Jars

There are many ways in which old glass bottles and jars can be repurposed – you just have to think out of the box. All the repurposing ideas we’re going to highlight below are simple and fun ways to give those old bottles new life! The tips are as follows:

1. Glass Vase

Source: iStock photos

You can use your old glass bottles and jars as vases for flowers. You can do this by either painting the glass bottles or jars in colours that would suit your home décor – either for your kitchen, living room or bedroom. You can take this further by putting lace trimmings on the painted bottles to give them a chic look. You can even get crafty by using old newspaper and cutting it out into whatever shape you like and you paste those cut-outs on the vase to give it a unique pattern. With the help of a really strong glue or adhesive, you can use stick some glitter on the glass bottle or jar just to add a little “razzle dazzle”.

2. Soap or Lotion Dispenser

All you would have to do with this idea is simply purchase a pump which you’re going to use as the lid for the dispenser. You can create a unique soap or lotion dispenser by simply using any of the glass bottles you have. You just have to ensure that the pump fits the mouth of the bottle.

3. Create an Upcycled Lamp, Candle Holder or a Lantern

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Creating a lamp might be a little trickier for those without DIY experience but it is definitely worth giving a try. Simply visit your local hardware store for a tile drill bit and a lamp holder then proceed to pick a lampshade – and that would be all you need to create your very own lamp.

Creating a candle holding will require a bottle cutter – where you will have to slice the bottle in half then simply fill it with melted wax and a wick. You can add some essential oils to the wax if you would like a fragranced scent.

Creating a lantern

This is a really simple one. All you need is to just get your glass bottles or jars cut – you could paint them if you’d like just to make them a little more vibrant. Once all that is done, light tea candles and place the glass bottles or jars on top of the tea light for decorative purposes.

4. Calming Bottle

You can create a calming bottle – essentially a bottle full of simply nothing but water, glue and glitter. All you have to do with it is shake the bottle and watch the glitter slowly fall down to the bottom of it and you take as many breaths as you need to settle your emotions as the glitter also settles.