How to Host a Zero-Waste Christmas Party

If you’re the sort of person that likes entertaining and having people over for the festive season, you have to start considering how you can host a Christmas party in the most eco-friendly way possible. But don’t you worry! You can still throw an awesome party even if you’re more eco-friendly and you will definitely still remain a good host, perhaps you can become an even better host!

Now here are some ways in which you can achieve a Zero-Waste party this festive season:

1. Digital Invitations

Send paperless invitations to your guests to avoid using any paper. However, if your party requires the charm of a good ol’ physical invitation, then you can consider using tree-free cotton paper (best of luck with finding suppliers). Otherwise you could just create a website or a google form where people can RSVP.

2. Refrain from using Plastic

Plastic may be the easier option to go for when hosting a soiree. However, give thought to the harm it actually brings to the environment. If you do not have enough silverware, glassware, and table cloths etc. consider borrowing from friends or family. Otherwise you could simply just serve finger foods so that your guests won’t need to use cutlery at all.

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3. Source Food Locally and Avoid Processed Foods

Refrain from buying processed foods as that proliferates the usage of plastic for packaging of the food you’re buying. Try shopping at the local farmer’s market or the organic produce section of the grocery store instead. Don’t forget to bring your own reusable bags as well.

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4. Plan for Leftovers

The only way to plan for leftovers effectively is to know how many of your guest will be coming so that you do not prepare more food than will be needed. If there are any leftovers, give some of them to your guests to take home in eco-friendly food containers or glassware.

5. Set Up Compost and Recycling Bins

In order for this to work you need to place them where they will be easily visible to your guests and within reach. Ensure that you provide more than enough recycling bins for the plastic waste, cans, bottles, food waste and dry compostables.

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