Shampoo bar

One of the simpler steps to reducing the use of plastic products in your household is by ditching your liquid shampoo and buying shampoo bars.

Source: Superbalist

Shampoo bars are the new sustainable alternative. Instead of using the plastic packaged shampoo that will pollute, why not just use a shampoo bar? Most of the plastic shampoo bottles that are not recycled end up in landfills and the ocean.

Shampoo bars are the best because they do not require plastic packaging, meaning these kinds of bars are much better for the environment. The sustainable shampoo bars are great for the environment, as they are the better option to reduce your carbon footprint, while improving your health and hygiene.

Shampoo bars contain a lot of natural ingredients with vitamins and natural oils that protect your hair, plus they smell so amazing so they give your hair an amazing revitalising scent.

The sustainable bars are gentle on your hair and scalp, meaning they don’t contain harmful chemicals such as parabens and sulfates. These chemicals are too strong and harmful and can negatively affect your hair by stripping away your hair’s natural oils. Shampoo bars are also beneficial for your hair as they promote hair growth, increase blood circulation, create hair volume and promote hair follicle health.

In terms of aesthetics, shampoo bars have a minimalistic aesthetic when placed in your shower or bathroom, when neatly placed on a soap dish.

The best positive about this bar is the fact that it lasts longer, with approximately 80 to 90 washes. The shampoo bar lasts longer than regular shampoo which means that you’re also saving money. I mean, who doesn’t want to save money while also helping to save the environment!?