Sustainable Holiday Season Décor

The idea of a sustainable or eco-friendly décor for the holidays sounds rather a bit out of reach and difficult to accomplish from simply thinking about it on a surface level. However, it actually couldn’t be any easier to achieve. Now, allow us to furnish you with a list of some amazing holiday season décor ideas that you can make at home.

Here is a list of easy and sustainable décor ideas:

1. Rustic Twig Décor

This is probably not the first thing that would come to your mind, however decorating your home this holiday season with twigs is an easy and affordable way to zhuzh up you home in a sustainable way. You can decide how you would want to use them decoratively i.e. for candle décor or table décor.

2. Dried Citrus Ornaments

If you happen to have plenty of citrus lying around in your home or the trees in your backyard, you could simply grab a few to use for table ornamentation.

3. Second-hand tableware, Candle holders and Vases

You don’t always have to buy new decorations or place settings, you can simply go buy them at a second-hand store where you will probably find where unique looking tableware, candle-holders and vases than at the usual store.

4. Leafy Branches as Table Runners

If you have trees in your backyard you can take some light branches and simply lay them in the middle of your dining table, lay them out decoratively running from one end to the other and ensure that the branches aren’t from a poisonous tree or one that may cause allergic reactions to the people you will be dining with.

5. Decorate with Plants

Plants are always good to use for decorative purposes. You can cut some pieces of the plants that you have in the house and place them over surfaces such as the shelves in your house, counters, mantles etc. or you could buy plants with red and white flowers just to channel that holiday season energy. You can use other plant items such as cinnamon sticks, rosemary, dried berries and sage leaves for decoration at the dinner table to get your guests ready for a good meal.